America Photographers

I see that this type of videos are series of competitions, I been seen videos like this and I love them. It was really interesting, and sad to see people leave. Been a photographer can be tricky but it is good, everyday you learned something new so your photos can be better. Photography ca be something beautiful but also difficult. For example, I like photography because your creative is a key to have amazing photos, but at the same time photography is stressful it could be really difficult or with the editing or with having good ideas, or maybe your idea did not go as you want it.

File Formats

1.JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group):

Of all image file formats, this is perhaps the best known, 
and what most modern cameras offer as digital output from sensor.

2.TIFF (Tagged Image File Format):

This is the industry-standard file format that is most widely 
used, which is usually what printers or publishers are looking for. 
Even if the appropriate end-file format is 
JPEG, TIFF will be the original caught file.


RAW files are normally usable and very easily put on specialized compact cameras and DSLRs; if you 
want to get the absolute best image from your camera, this is the alternative favored by experienced photographers.

4.DNG (Digital Negative Format):

Different formats are also used also by cameras from the same manufacturer, which means that image 
editing software must be able to read files from all of these various cameras and formats.

5.PNG (Portable Network Graphics):

Planned as an upgrade to the GIF file format 
in the 90s, PNG files are suitable for internet use. 
The benefit of PNGs is that they are packaged in 
lossless format, and hence preserve all the digital content.

6.GIF (Graphics Interchange Format):

GIF files are suitable for use 
on the internet, much like PNGs. 
Lossless compression ensures that image consistency is not compromised, and they also provide the potential 
to preserve clarity like PNGs (but can not facilitate partial clarity) and allow animation as well.

7.BMP (Bitmap):

As color information is stored in each individual pixel in 
the image without any encoding, BMPs are large file sizes.

8.PSD (Photoshop Document):

By default, this file form is 
what Adobe Photoshop uses to save data. 
The major benefit of PSD files is that it makes it 
easier to modify specific individual layers rather than the main image itself.



Salvador Dali work;

I like how in every picture he is trying to say something, in this picture he is trying to say how we can control time and maybe we can not sop it but we have to live every second of time.

Framing Assignment

 Yes, because the color mix gives a better photo. I think I did a good job with editing. In my different assignment I would like to have better ideas on how I want to post for the photos. I know there is more people who have better framing pictures then me.

Outdoor Natural Light Portraits

aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO: 800 Lens Focal Length: F/2

aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO: 800 Lens Focal Length: F/2


aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO: 1250 Lens Focal Length: F/2

aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO: 1250 Lens Focal Length: F/2


aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO:20 Lens Focal Length: F/2

aperture:3.0 shutter speed: 1/60 ISO:20 Lens Focal Length: F/2

Name of the model: Rita Carrillo (AKA: my mother)

Focus tips

  1. Always have better lighting in the person or object.
  2. Never focus the whole thing.
  3. shoot wide open for better depth of field.
  4. Have a good distance for a good angle.
  5. Try to shoot on sunny days.

Camare Modes

1.Automatic mode:

Auto mode tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can.

2.Portrait mode:

Portrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject.

3.Macro mode:

Keep your camera and the object you’re photographing parallel if possible or you’ll find a lot of it will be out of focus.

4.Landscape mode:

It’s ideal for capturing shots of wide scenes, particularly those with points of interest at different distances from the camera.

5.Sports mode:

Sports mode attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed.

6.Night mode:

This is a really fun mode to play around with and can create some wonderfully colorful and interesting shots.

7.Movide mode:

This mode extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones.

8.Aperture priority mode:

Aperture priority mode is useful when you’re looking to control the depth of field in a shot

9.Shutter priority mode:

Shutter priority is very similar to aperture priority mode but is the mode where you select a shutter speed and the camera then chooses all of the other settings.

10.Program mode:

Some digital cameras have this priority mode in addition to auto mode

11.Manuel mode:

In this mode you have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc.

Cindy Sherman Assignment

I like her personality and how she can changed her personality, there is many photos I am really interest but what I am more interest is how much time she takes to just take on photo but I think it is a great idea of what she is doing.

Conceptual Self Portrait

Aperture: 1.7 Shutter speed:1/15 ISO:50

Aperture: 1.7 Shutter speed:1/15 ISO:50

It is difficult to only show one thing that can represent me, that is why there is many things. First, I am a religious person. Since I was little I always wanted to go to church and have my first communion, years past and my mom gave me the opportunity to have classes to get my first communion, little by little I started to get more involved in my church now I have my first communion, I am an altar service, and I have my confirmation and I still want to be more involved. Second, I love music it has been in my life since I was little. I love dancing and by just hearing music it makes my heart happy. Since I was little every time my family put music I started to dance, when I was 5 I got involved into a dance class in my school and till I was 10 I stop going because I came to the United States, and now that I am at Jurupa Hills I am part of the club Latin Dance and I really love it, when I am not at school I learn new dances just for fun. Third one is nails, When I was little I wanted to paint my nails but I was not allowed to and now January of this years I started to learn how to do acrylic nails is a long and hard process but at the end of the day I love it and I am still practicing so one day I can have my business of acrylic nails. Final is make up, I do not wear make up everyday but last year I started to get really interest on make up and now I am practicing so I can be good at it and in the future be able to do make up for others for special occasions. I love to learned how to do new things and know to do little things, This are just simple things that can describe me but at the end of the day I am many things.